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Glimpses of Lake Isabella, Kern River — 6 Comments

  1. Online newbie reading your blog for the first time. I really enjoy your writing style, especially with the inclusion of typical site and area pictures. I look forward to spending more time following your notes and will look for you on the road in the coming year.

    My very best wishes for your safe travels.

    • Stuart,

      thanks, that’s high praise. You might have noticed that not all of my posts are about RV-ing (though that’s the lion’s share for sure). I’ve also written about travels in Italy, a Caribbean cruise, and sundry other stuff. Next year I’m hoping to write quite a bit about southern Africa, so stay tuned.


  2. Your photo-essay was very enjoyable Greg. Makes us want to head out there! We will be boon-docking in the Ogilby Rd. area west of Yuma in Jan-Feb and although it will be the dead of winter We hope to be able to head up there, weather permittng of course, to the Lake Isabelle area. These days you just never know how the temps will be in winter. Thanks for the info.

  3. Beautiful write up Greg. Pics are fabulous especially of the one of the trout leaping out the water. Also the giant redwoods are spectacular.

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