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  1. I’m sure that you know about the flood in October 2015 in Death Valley. Scotty’s Castle had over two feet of mud. The “castle” itself had about 1 ft. of mud inside, on the ground floor. I’m sure that is why the road is still closed. The castle is still not open and I have not read if they have an expected reopening date.

    • Mike,

      I did recall hearing that Scotty’s was closed. But it wasn’t clear on the road sign whether “closed” meant the castle or the road. Since the same road goes through to Furnace Creek, it may well have meant only the castle. I did not call to verify, but anyone traveling that way (and wanting to get through) certainly should make the call.


  2. Always wonderful To hear from both of you we were just thinking of you as we are up here at Hole In The Wall November 11 this evening they’re having the star party across the road and also we took the tour of Mitchell caverns as it has reopened
    thank you as always for sharing your travels with us
    God bless
    Happy trails
    & Bailey girl

    • Hey Merrill and Barbara,

      Always good to hear from you. We had thought about going to HITW this trip, but we wanted to see more of the Owens Valley. Lots of places left to explore here.

      Have fun

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