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Here and There

As of late 2015, we have taken Howie and Ralph all over the western States, and through Canada and Alaska to the Arctic Ocean and back. What’s next? Only time will tell

Karin and Greg

Two different pictures, at two different times. Karin near Darwin Falls, west of Death Valley (left) and Greg in Utah canyon country after a sprained ankle from a motorcycle mishap (right). We really like getting out and about, and these snapshots epitomize the wandering life that we sometimes are able to enjoy. Howie and Ralph These are our erstwhile steeds. Howie is a 2003 Itasca (Winnebago) 27-foot class-A. His name stands for: House On Wheels In Excess Ralph is simply short for “Ranger Ralph”, in reference to our 1996 Ford Ranger 4X4 pickup. Both Howie and Ralph are rife with mods and upgrades by yours- truly, and we enjoy them both nearly as much as we enjoy the places they take us to. Both are looking a wee bit different lately - - gotta update some photos soon. Bote -- a latecomer, our earnest little Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. Such fun.

In the Beginning

When we first started exploring with Howie, we TL-WN823Nhad a piggy-back motorcycle (named Papoose, naturally). It was a nice 2009 Yamaha TW-200, and we put well over 1000 miles on it. Rough, windy, cold, injury-prone miles. After three years and a sprained ankle, several bone-chilling rides, and a general reluctance to use Papoose at all, we sold the trusty two-wheeler and started towing Ralph. This is working VERY well.
What’s with that funny URL? divver-city?? It’s just a little play-on-word. The word "diversity" is pronounced "dih VER sit ee". But if you mis-pronounce it (DIH ver SIT ee), you end up with divver-city. (Someone else thought of a variation - - see, no relation to me.) Diversity is the element of daily living that keeps us interested, alive, energized. To paraphrase a line from William Cowper’s 1785 poem “The Task” - - "Diversity is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor." The original word was not “diversity” but “variety”. Same-same.
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