About My Reviews

Most of what you’ll see here are reviews on items related to travel and RV-travel. You can easily start snooping by clicking the Reviews dropdown under Blog.

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I’m an engineer, and a generalist. I’m a designer, a fixer, and a gadget junkie. When I get into a topic or a product, I really get INTO it (and I pay probably too little attention to time and expense). The result is that I get very educated very quickly on a wide variety of fields and products.

Since I like to write, I really enjoy sharing my accumulated knowledge in the form of product reviews (and perhaps later, subject reviews). I don’t pretend to be one of those “best of” sites doing exhaustive comparison testing – – rather, I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned from my research, and from owning one or two representative products.

About Amazon

Over the years, I’ve sent a LOT of cash Amazon’s way. It’s so easy to shop, such a great selection, and fast-free Prime shipping. One busy year, I placed almost 400 orders with the online retail giant. All personal and family stuff.

Now, when I do a review on a product, I’ll include a link to it on Amazon. If you end up liking that product and using the link to buy it, Diversity will get a small commission. It goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyway) that I will never modify my opinions or ratings just because of the product links.

If you’re a regular shopper on Amazon, please consider using the following link to go there for your general shopping needs, and the divver-city web site will benefit at no cost to you.


NOTE: if an Amazon link goes non-valid (removed from the market), Amazon will replace it with a generic link. If you see one of these, please let me know and I’ll edit the review.

Have fun, and thanks for reading.