Here are some of my favorite web sites. There’s no central theme here — some are RV-related, some just parts of Life, others simply interesting. There’s also no order (alphabetical or priority or whatever). I just try to remember to add stuff in here when it really impresses me, so they’re ordered by when I entered them here. I’ll probably alpha-sort it when it gets bigger.

I don’t check the integrity of these links regularly, so Please, if you find something not working, send me an email so I can get it fixed.

  • Henderson’s Lineup – A superb shop for RV service, especially chassis-related stuff like handling and towing
  • Pilot Getaways – THE essential private-flying travel magazine
  • Carbonite – Reliable and affordable online file backup service, been using it for years
  • – A great RV travel/tips web site with a newsletter. It’s run by Chuck Woodbury, a long-time nomad writer. I occasionally contribute various articles and blurbs
  • – An excellent value and package for sending and receiving faxes online
  • Local Conditions – Excellent traffic map which covers the entire US — nice adjunct to Google Maps, better than Sigalert (Santa Cruz shown — you have to navigate to the location of interest)
  • Avenue of the Giants – Spectacular redwood self-tour in Northern CA
  • – Outstanding online bank (been there for 6 years now), includes deposit-by-scan and other leading capabilities
  • – Getting connected, one of the most in-depth and comprehensive resources for getting online while on the road.
  • Gone with the Wynns – Started out as RV-ers, changed over to sailors. An engaging couple who work hard to have a life on the road, on the water, or who knows what’s next…
  • – John and Elizabeth, our truly INTREPID Aussie friends who’ve taken their expedition RV on five continents! Always a surprise in store
  • – Fred and Megan and Lu Lu Belle provide one of the most enthralling tour experiences in Alaska
  • Ultimate Campgrounds – Amazing compilation of all kinds of campgrounds, including dispersed sites. This is truly a huge database. Although there’s no such thing as “one source”, this site is my go-to place for campground planning.
  • American Road Tours – I don’t travel much east of the Rockies, and this “anthology” covers a lot of territory that I’ll probably never visit. Pretty readable, and a great source for “gotta go there” ideas.
  • – Very nice wind-reporting tool, extremely useful when wind force and direction really matters. Flying, surfing, and just plain old comfort can be made go/no-go with wind.
  • – GPF is one of my top go-to sources for unbiased, non-inflammatory news. George Friedman creates some of the most reasoned analyses I’ve ever read.
  • – Libre Office is a hugely successful (and useful) open-source substitute for MS Office. I was SO tired of paying Microsoft — eventually yearly — for an office suite that they kept changing solely for the sake of making it look different (so they could sell it again). Libre Office is my no-fee Word and Excel, and I’m happy with it.




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